Las Vegas Vacation Rentals

Las Vegas Vacation Rentals

  • 06 Mar, 2019
  • Travel

Oh well, after reading Las Vegas, you all looked so bright eyed and bushy tailed! Yes, well, that surely depicts how big party animals you are. Las Vegas is undoubtedly a casino heaven. We all know that, right? And among this glam and glitz, we also have some lip-smacking food serving out there. Well, often the very first thing that comes to our mind as soon as we hear Las Vegas is the persistent gambling that takes place there but did we know that it is a great place for non-gamblers too? Oh, did I just knock you down with a feather? This is not at all a figment of your imagination. Where one spoke of the wheel depicts its inclination towards casinos, the other shows the way for non-gamblers and too add the perfect icing on the cake, we have some amazing buffet systems out here, so what you have to eventually do is eat, sleep have fun and repeat!

Are you excited to know what this place has in store for you other than the gazillion of casinos filled to the brim with glam and glitz? Well then, let us fasten up our seat belts and begin our journey to Las Vegas!


Of course after reading the name you must be having this bee in your bonnet that how can I be transferred to stratosphere, which is a layer of our atmosphere? Well then, this place is very much in sync with its name. Owing to the enormous height of this tower which I guess is approximately 1150 feet, this tower offers you some really prolific views that deck out this tower. If you are an avid photographer, then this place is just your model! And yes, if heights give you an adrenaline rush, then there is some good news for you! You could have some really exciting adventures here sky jump, big shot and more! So, do enter this layer of atmosphere!



Well this place is a home to a variety of activities, different spokes for different folks! When you will enter this 3 km long section, you will end up feeling that you have had visited the entire city of Las Vegas! Wondering why? Well, this place has a gazillion of some peppy casinos, luxurious and branded hotels and restaurants which could provide you with delicious meals and some theme parks too, so that you could have a whale of a time in Vegas! And you know what, at night this place is fully lit with hues of orange and yellow and neon too! With glamorous lights spilling their spark all over, this place is something which no one can afford to miss!



Not all of us love all that pomp and fervor, right? So, for those of us who love to spend our time in peace, amid the nature and out of those glary lights, this place is your cup of tea! Located amid the desert and the red mountains, this place is full of serenity and calmness. You could also go for hiking if you wish too!

So, now do you believe that Las Vegas is for everyone? Well then, for sure we might end up spending hefty amounts in Las Vegas, but we can do conserve our money by staying in at a vacation rental!

Just consider this: whenever you come back from office, all you need is the warmth of the lap of you home, right? So, when you will come back all drenched after partying heavily in Vegas, only a vacation rental would be able to provide you with the same warmth as your home. With the interiors just like your home, having a separate bedroom, drawing and dining room and study area too, this place is full of privacy. You can also have an access to a 4 or 5 bedroom vacation rental at nominal costs, which I’m sure you wouldn’t find in a hotel, right? 

So, have a better experience and collect some sweet memories by staying in a vacation rental and free yourself from the mundane task of strictly following the hotel routine!