Chicago Vacation Rentals

Chicago Vacation Rentals

  • 16 Feb, 2019
  • Travel

How many of us love to shed some extra amount of money and get lesser services? You would probably hammer me down for this question and mock me too! But then, my dear friend, this is the harsh reality! You are probably scorning at me now. Alright, I’m no more beating about the bush. Now tell me, whenever we go out for a vacation, don’t we stay in hotels? You would probably come up with a thought now, that this is the norm. Where else would we stay. Now that’s where you all go wrong!

Did you forget the vacation rentals? Now, I can see the repent on your face! Yes, the vacation rentals where you end up spending way to less than a hotel and end up getting far more better services that a hotel can offer you! Realized where were you going wrong? And for those of you who still don’t have any clue as to what all benefits can you reap by staying in a vacation rental, here’s something knowledge for you!

When you book a room in a hotel, do they give you ample of choices to choose from? Do they ask you whether you need one bedroom or two or probably three? Of course not, right? This is because they have just one size of rooms. But then if you approach a vacation rental, let me tell you that they will not only provide you with the exact number of rooms but will also adhere strictly to your needs. What if you have kids with you and you need a separate room for them and for your work too? So, only a vacation rental could fill in these gaps.

We often go for a vacation seeking solitude and peace. But can we get these in a crowded hotel? For sure, we couldn’t. And this is where vacation rentals come in as helping hands. They provide space in areas which are less crowded but at the same time don’t compromise on security.

What if you need rooms with exotic views, like a beach view? Oh, you need to shed out a lot of money for that, right? But a vacation rental wouldn’t do that to you! Be it whichever view you want, they have everything in store for you and that too at nominal costs!

Well, lastly the biggest advantage that a vacation rental could provide you is that you don’t have to work and eat according to some norms unlike a hotel where there are fixed hours for meal. In a vacation rental, all you need to do is cook in your modular kitchen, just like you do at home and have meals at your own convenience. Feels like home away from home right?

And you know what, you can experience some great vacation rentals in Chicago! Yes, this city which feels like home also has some amazing tourist places in its kitty! Want to know about some? Read on then and grab a bird’s eye view!


Like I said that this city feels like home to add a feather in its cap, let me tell you that Navy Pier is a place where you could find ultimate solitude and calmness. Just drop by it in the evening and listen to some serene music which is played out there which would be like melody to your ears. So, if you are on the lookout for some relaxation, then this place is what you exactly need.


Are you a selfie- queen? Do you love taking selfies? Well then, this place is totally apt for you! build with a gazillion of mirrors, this place has been quite a hot potato among selfie lovers. Just click a picture with it and put it on social media, and see the increase in the number of likes by heaps and bounds! Yes, I am not all taking you on a flight of fancy, it’s true! At one point of time, this place was a hotspot among instagram users! If you have your inhibitions, then do visit this place and find out yourself!


While you aren’t in any mood to visit a theme park or any other place and want to just have a peaceful stroll, then do visit this place. Dotted with a gazillion of bars and restaurants with lip-smacking food, this place becomes all the more appealing at night with the hues of yellow sparkling all over. And to add a feather to its cap, this place is alongside Chicago river, which makes it all the more worthwhile and beautiful. So don’t miss out on this place! 


Of course, most of us have seen aquariums but let me tell you that this one is not an ordinary aquarium. How many of us have seen dolphins dancing and jumping? Or probably any other sea mammals doing so? Yes, this is what this place offers. With around 1500 water mammals, this place offers some of the most enthralling views of sea mammals displaying prolific activities. So don’t miss out on this one! 

Having know so many places to be around in Chicago, I’m sure you must now be having ants in your pants to visit Chicago as soon as possible, right? So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and make hay while the sun shines!